Weight and dieting concerns

  • Do you want to learn how to become an intuitive eater and maximise the enjoyment you get from eating?
  • Would you like to break free from the cycle of dieting?
  • Would you like to free yourself from the stress and anxiety that comes with dieting and preoccupation with food and body?

If you answered yes then you’ve come to the right place!

At Be Mindful Nutrition we can help you free yourself from guilt and shame around food and eating which usually comes along with dieting and disordered eating.

Scientific evidence shows that most people that embark on a diet or ‘health kick’ in an attempt to lose weight, end up regaining the lost weight with many people increasing their weight over time. This can lead to frustration, disappointment and despair. It can also lead to poor physical and psychological health.

Therefore dieting is not helpful for the majority of people with concerns about their weight.
We utilise a Health At Every Size (HAES®) and Non-Diet Approach framework to support you to engage in health behaviours to improve diet quality and physical activity rather than focus on the number on the scale.

What can I expect from a non-diet consult at Be Mindful Nutrition?

You can expect a non-judgemental, kind, empathetic understanding of your current food, eating or body concerns. An initial assessment can usually take 1-2 sessions to gain a full picture of your current concerns and what has been helpful or unhelpful in the past. We will explore the following in order to help us develop the best plan for our sessions:

  • History of past/current dieting attempts
  • Any disordered eating behaviours or body image concerns
  • Understanding any specific food behaviours and triggers or cues to eat or restrict food.
  • Current medical conditions, medications, current physical activity level
  • Any barriers to self-care
  • Diet debunking and food myth busting
  • Explanation of the non-diet approach and discussion of how to apply it to your life with skill-building exercises such as hunger and fullness awareness, mindful eating practices etc.

It will be a collaborative process where we aim to support you to move from a place of stress, anxiety and mistrust in your eating patterns and body to a more peaceful relationship with food, eating and your body image.

Together we can achieve the following:

  • Breaking free from dieting and/or disordered eating behaviours and thinking patterns such as calorie counting, restricting, avoiding food groups, bingeing, purging and the weight cycling that is associated with these behaviours
  • Freedom from the stress and anxiety that comes with dieting, food and body preoccupation
  • Honouring your body’s needs and building skills in responding to your natural, internal signals of what, when and how much to eat
  • Having a peaceful relationship with food and your body – giving you more space to live your most enjoyable, vibrant life that aligns with your values!

If you would like to find out more or book an appointment to see one of our dietitians: